About us

Private company “Winart” was established in 2011. by two well-known lithuanian masters of motorsport. Their experience and knowledge is put into service in order to meet the needs of Your automotive repair and painting at the highest quality. Our service uses only the highest quality equipment and materials. Our motto – Nothing is impossible!

We can reconstruct car , if necessary, even better than the actual manufacturer. We can increase the power, stability and vehicle control, make the brakes more efficient or simply “tune” car’s appearance. We also work on extreme driving lessons on the race track. We can prepare a professional racing driver for rally or circuit stages.

We do  not begin repairing Your car before we  talk over it with You.

Each estimate is coordinated individually, depending on the customer’s desires and needs. We work with almost all insurance companies – combining the estimates, we can take your car from the accident place and deliver it to your address  after the repair. It is possible to provide an alternative vehicle.

Our painter: 20 years of experience in the field of automotive painting, internshipped in the UK. He works with the highest quality painting equipment “SATA” in  the newly installed  Italian painting  camera  , which sprays using water-based technologies.

Painter helpers: 5-15 years experience in preparation of car paint. They work with “Rupes” grinding equipment, make works faster with the new generation programmable infrared heating lamps.

Car tinsmith: 30 years of experience in body geometry reconstruction work, working with a certified “Unicar” geometry reconstruction equipment.

Engine, suspension repairman: 25 years of experience in automotive repair and car building for motosport.